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EC+S European Consulting Plus Services federates a network of multi-specialists consulting managers and multi-cultural experts. We provide our clients with a range of tailor-made services throughout Europe combined with a multi-local approach.

EC+S European Consulting Plus Services helps companies across all industries – from emerging and growing businesses to major corporations – to deal with a wide range of challenges.


Based on the professional CAREER DIRECT assessment tool and the method “Reveal your authentic brand”. The goal of this assessment is to have a diagnosis of the 4 fundamental factors:

This will provide avenues for defining a professional project and, when appropriate, indicate which training would be needed for this project

The assessment itself provides specific answers regarding the suitability of a project with the personality, interests, natural skills and values of the candidate. For an entrepreneur, in the case of a career assessment, this diagnosis will validate (or not) the path of entrepreneurship.

A coaching program can follow this first assessment. It will help implementing a project by anchoring it in your unique identity.

This helps you to capitalize on your strengths to build and implement your action plan. The organization of this skills assessment can be adapted in length and content to the characteristics of a person and their specific needs

In all cases, it is broken down into 3 phases, and is based on the complementarity of the Career Direct tool ( ) and the method: "Reveal your authentic brand ». This assessment is eligible for the CPF.

Le Career Direct® MISSION

Fundamentally change the way of making career choices or re-positioning. This assessment makes it possible to understand and identify one’s vocation and to better manage one´s skills. The Career Direct® Orientation System was developed to address this need for a comprehensive assessment that helps uncover unique gifts and to find the career or re-positioning needed and to be more aligned with one’s strengths and abilities.

Presentation of the "Career Direct®" assessment.

4 assessment in 1 :

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