Consulting and Services

We offer a range of services in Europe

EC+S European Consulting Plus Services federates a network of multi-specialists consulting managers and multi-cultural experts. We provide our clients with a range of tailor-made services throughout Europe combined with a multi-local approach.


EC+S European Consulting Plus Services helps companies across all industries – from emerging and growing businesses to major corporations – to deal with a wide range of challenges.

Online Classes for companies and individuals

We offer virtual language classes for professionals or students who would like to improve their current level to conduct business or interview for a University.

We offer individual, small group, and employee courses. It is an asset to have employees that speak in multiple languages. Companies in France can be reimbursed for their training expenses through our program. Please contact us for details.

We are currently offering English as a second language course. We will be offering other languages in the future. Please contact us about enrolling in our next class or interview preparation course for your job or university interview.

EC+S offer high-quality services guaranteed by standards and internal controls. EC+S makes a commitment on the skill level of its participants. Various companies have already trusted us

EC+S European Consulting + Services - Working together for Excellence