About US

EC+S European Consulting Plus Services is a service and consulting company that started its activity in December of 2008, registered on January 5, 2009, under number 509 662 136 RCS Lyon.

Thus EC+S European Consulting Plus Services quickly gained many clients’ trust in France, Europe, and abroad, of varying sizes.

EC+S European Consulting Plus Services supports you in your transformation projects by helping you implement effective strategies and organizations locally with reasonable proximity and a global approach.

Our Vision

EC+S European Consulting Plus Services seeks Excellence. In an international environment and an economic context that requires constant mobilization, we offer to support you in your development and your company's best sustainability.

EC+S European Consulting Plus Services is committed to sharing its vision on its issues and challenges and proposing innovative approaches close to customers’ own problems. EC + S conducts relevant discussions in terms of performance, risk, governance, and audit management and thus contributes to improving the company's management and performance.

“We aim to provide Service Excellence”

We combine our training, advice, and services





Pragmatic and innovative recommendations. Interventions focused on the search for lasting results


We have proven methodologies and tools. We have in-depth knowledge of trades and sectors based on successful experiences.


Networking and teamwork in an international environment. Enterprising collaborators, enthusiastic responsive, and equally efficient. Sharp skills.


We are looking for collaborators in different European countries who share our vision and adhere to our mission, having a multicultural and multilingual approach. 

Fluency in several languages ​​is an asset.

Working together

For Excellence

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    Our Clients

    EC+S European Consulting Plus Services has quickly gained the trust of many clients in France, Europe, and abroad, of varying sizes, small businesses, and significant groups.


    EC+S develops partnerships with service providers who share the same vision. The partners or consultants of EC+S also contribute to humanitarian associations or NGOs, voluntarily or through other supports:

    Personal Assistance​

    L' Association Eculloise
    d’ Aide à la Personnelle

    The Association Eculloise d’Aide à la Personnelle supports people over 60, disabled, or dependent in their daily lives and offers personalized home help.

    Humanitarian NGO


    Generation Africa’s mission is to rescue AIDS orphans and deprived children in South Africa, caring for 2,107 children to date and other African countries. Generation Africa has developed profitable economic activities for the sole purpose of financing its humanitarian and educational projects. 

    EC+S European Consulting + Services - Working together for Excellence