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We offer a range of services in Europe

EC+S European Consulting Plus Services federates a network of multi-specialists consulting managers and multi-cultural experts. We provide our clients with a range of tailor-made services throughout Europe combined with a multi-local approach.

EC+S European Consulting Plus Services helps companies across all industries – from emerging and growing businesses to major corporations – to deal with a wide range of challenges. 

*Real footage of A Business Game hosted by EC + S with participants from more than 10 different nationalities

EC + S European Consulting Plus Services offers specialized, tailor-made training and multilingual Business Games training in house or remotely for large groups.

Discipline focused, industry-specific, or customized. No matter which business game you choose, you will get a modern educational tool built on sound economic theory.
We offer and run new training courses, supported by your OPCA, based on business games designed and developed by Cesim.
It is a fun, interactive, and multilingual tool, allowing you to understand the strategic, commercial, financial, and operational functions within a company.

We host Cesim Business Games :

  • Significantly improves knowledge development, fluency in different languages, decision-making,
    and teamwork of participants.
  • It is flexible and adapts to your constraints (set up via seminars, distance training, variable team
  • It allows you to decompartmentalize your organization’s various departments in a dynamic of
    “Team Building,” both locally and internationally.
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Here are the different business games:

Cesim bank
Management of a banking establishment

In Cesim Bank, each team of the participant´s; mission is to manage the Front and Back Office operations of a bank in the same geographical area. The teams will compete to have the best financial performance among themselves ranked by period.

Note: The simulation has + 25 operational modules (retail banking, risk management, portfolio management, etc.)

Cesim global challenge:
 Strategy and international trade

Simulation of strategic management, operations, and international trade allows participants to have the company’s perspective of transversal vision on the global tech and supply-demand network.

Cesim firm: 
Introduction to general business management

An introductory management simulation designed to develop participant’s; understanding of how decisions made in different departments of a company lead to overall success in an environment of international competition.

Cesim service:
Service management, SME management,
and Entrepreneurship

Management simulation of a family business that allows participants to discover the functioning of an sme in the hotel sector, with a logic of development of the international activity.

Cesim marketing:
Marketing management
Strategic marketing

Marketing simulation of strategy and international trade allows participants to have a company’s transversal vision on marketing in Europe and Asia.

Cesim hospitality:
Hotel & Restaurant management

An online hotel management simulation for the practice and understanding of the day-to-day operations of a hotel-restaurant.

Cesim power: 
Electric Utilities management

Participants are appointed to head a large industrial group operating in the energy sector. In charge of producing and marketing their own energy, the participants compete in a very competitive market.

Cesim connect:
Telecoms Industry, Strategic management

A management simulation of a Telecom operator. Each team of participants runs the virtual company. The company will market services for individuals as well as a packaged offer for businesses.

Cesim project:
Project management simulation

Participants collaborate to achieve a program. Each participant must manage a project team with specific tasks, which is to finalize their part of the work, allowing the program’s accomplishment. Therefore, the participants share a common objective, which they will have to achieve under financial and time constraints.

Cesim retail:
Management of store operations

Retail is a simulation that brings participants to manage several stores of the same brand in a very competitive market to grow a profitable customer base.

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